10 Golden Diet Rules For Faster Weight Loss

Diet is everything when it comes to weight loss, well experts unanimously agree that weight loss is all about 80% diet and 20% exercise. So, you gotta straighten up your diet and follow certain golden rules to see faster results, and lose extra pounds and inches in the process. In this post, we list down 10 Golden Diet Rules For Faster Weight Loss.

Golden Diet Rules for Faster Weight Loss

1. Calorie Deficit Will Unlock the Door To Weight Loss: If you are not in a calorie deficit through diet, spending hours sweating it out in the gym will not get your body to burn fat. Being on the right kind of diet, Rati Beauty diet for example, will put you in calorie deficit, by placing importance on 80% diet and 20% exercise. A combination of healthy diet along with regular physical activity will bring about sustainable weight loss and also help trim the waistline and tone the body. Check out the weekly diet programs on the Rati Beauty app and also home workouts to create calorie deficit and lose weight the right way and effectively.

2. Strengthen your Gut: One of the most important keys to lose weight – is a robust gut! From keeping metabolism high to keeping all important hormones at their optimum levels (including that of fat-burning hormones), the gut does it all! An imbalance in the gut can trigger weight gain apart from causing inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, and even increase in stress hormone. Certain studies have found that, just by change in the gut flora, a person can gain weight. In fact, overweight people have been found to have 20 percent more of the bacterial type called “firmicutes,” and a higher percentage of another bacterial species called “bacteroidetes” compared to thin people. Firmicutes absorb calories from sugar and facilitates their conversion into fat. Eat fermented food such as idli, dosa, ambali, dhokla, and probiotics such as buttermilk, kombucha to strengthen the gut for successful weight loss.

3. Don’t let a Cheat Meal Become a Cheat Day/Weekend/Month: What happens after a cheat meal is that we regret it with all our heart that we tell ourselves that today is the last day of binge-junk eating and you are gonna eat clean from the next week. Also, if a festival or wedding is coming up in the family, it will turn into a cheat month. The key is to control the urge and remain consistent, indulge in a cheat meal once a week, and get back on the diet to continue losing weight. Rati Beauty diet encourages you to go for a cheat meal because it helps satisfy cravings and also pulls up a sluggish metabolism and resets it.

4.Cut out Empty Calories: Refined sugar, white flour, sweets, cakes, alcohol, processed food, etc., have high amount of empty calories with little nutritional value. These empty calories make it extremely difficult to reach out to fat deposits in the body. Replace empty calories with whole foods to lower the numbers on the weighing scale.

5. Eat More Protein: When you eat foods that are high in protein, its thermogenic property helps burn more calories and also protein keeps you feel fuller for longer, and keeps appetite in check. Protein-based food also helps you to gain muscles without making you fat. Here’s a list of “17 Cheapest Protein Sources at the Grocery Store.”

6. Juicing is not always the best option: No doubt fruit juices help improve skin texture by giving it a blast of nutrients and vitamins, but when it comes to weight loss, it’s better to eat whole fruit instead of juicing them out because this process gets rid of precious fiber which keeps you fuller for longer periods of time and suppresses cravings for junk and sugar as well.

7. Get a good 8 hour-sleep Every Night: Now, this is a golden rule you should absolutely stick by. The better you sleep, the more efficient is your body at burning fat. When you sleep like a baby at night, the metabolism gets better, stress hormone goes down, hunger hormone ghrelin is lowered, and satiety hormone “leptin” is set an optimum level. Studies show that people who burn midnight lamp are prone to gain weight and it also affects their quality of life. So, sleep well for a healthier and fitter body. Sleep is essential for our bodies. That’s the time when we rest, and our bodies regenerate themselves; our cells are renewed, our mind is cleared, our muscles are repaired. So, if you want to gain full benefits from your diets, get your 8 hours of sleep each night (at least).

8. Avoid Frequent Snacking: This is one of the major reasons why people struggle to lose weight. Stick to meal and snack routines and avoid reaching out for snacks just because you are bored or want to calm down the nerves. Many people tend to work till late night and snacking becomes a common thing. Avoid frequent snacking and it would become a lot easier to reach your goal weight.

9. Get More Fiber: Fiber is an essential part of a good weight loss diet because it helps to maintain a healthy digestive system, regulates blood sugar, and keeps you full for long. Fiber helps to reduce appetite, reduces belly fat, and thus helps with weight loss too. Here’s a list of “32 Fiber Rich Food Items for Weight Loss.”

10. It’s also about Lifestyle Changes: It’s also about making healthy lifestyle changes and sticking to them, like reducing the frequency of eating out, switching to healthy cooking oil, and being on your feet for most part of the day.

Follow these things and you will see changes slowly. Be patient and kind towards your body and you will surely get back in shape sooner than you think.

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